About us

About us

Honduras Fosforera, S.A. is a manufacturing company that produces safety matches, a variety of popsicle sticks, and other wood products for ice cream consumption. The match company also distributes consumer products in Honduras through its own distribution company under the name Distribuidora OMNI, S.A.

We are a Honduran company that provides consumer products based on wood, offering excellent quality and services to our customers. We are responsible in the use of natural resources for the benefit of our collaborators and our environment.

To be an innovative company focused on producing and distributing wood-based products useful for lighting, home, crafts, and health; meeting the demand at regional and global level.

The match industry in Honduras was initiated by the Bendeck Family in the 30’s, under the name of Fábrica Nacional de Fósforos Águila. In 1961, two safety match companies in Honduras merged to form Honduras Fosforera, S.A. in order to manufacture and produce safety matches with wooden sticks for the Central American region.

Over the years, our company has been competitive with cutting-edge technology, improving its productive capacity to compete with markets like Sweden in the 30’s and mass markets like India now a days.

Today, it is one of two safety match manufacturers in the Central Americ, maintaining a globally competitive edge in its prices and high quality products. Besides the safety match production, our manufacturing plant has diversified in the production of wooden-based products such as popsicle sticks and other wooden products for the ice cream industry.

Since the eighties, Honduras Fosforera, S.A. exports its products to all Central American countries and has begun to export to Panama, Colombia and Mexico in recent years.

El Salvador Guatemala Nicaragua Costa Rica Honduras

You can find our variety of products with each of our distributors in the Central America region.

Our values

We work for our customers

We believe in Humility and Respect towards others

We act with Integrity, Consistency and Responsibility

We promote ourselves with Teamwork

We execute with Simplicity in Action

We innovate to improve

We have Passion and Dynamism for Winning

We learn from our mistakes